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"That neighbor guy is out in the street. He's staring at the manhole." That was exactly the kind of impression I wanted to leave on my otherwise oblivious neighborhood this morning. Ah, nimrods. Are they justified in staring at my staring at a manhole? Am I simply out of things to blog about? Read on and decide for yourself.

I am working my first weekend shift for Rational. This means any ClearCase issue on Earth that is clearly "customer site is down" comes to my phone. Leaving the apartment to do anything had proven to be implausible until 10 pm last night.

Couple this with some crazy, crazy bee ess going down back in Binghamton (where I went to college) meant my apartment was a stream of three ringing phones. To say I was stressed out and drained would have been an understatement. I was buggin'.

I did have one major reprieve: Geillan was in Providence visiting a friend of ours. She IM'd me Friday night suggesting I come down for a drink. I wished I could. She proposed coming up to visit me. I am eternally grateful she did. Learn more here. )

-off to a barbecue to avoid that damnable racket, Dante

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