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What could explain the sudden upturn for Hillary Clinton? She isn't suddenly more likable, more polite or even less annoying.

It turns out it's exactly what I had expected: die-hard Republicans are voting for Hillary Clinton in states with open primaries. Why? To make sure she's the nominee for the Democrats. Since so many Republicans cannot stand the sight of her, she'd surely lose against McCain in the fall.

Think about it: the Clintons have sworn enemies all over the red states. They wouldn't even flinch to make sure Hillary doesn't get into the White House. If Obama is the Democratic candidate, then the final election would actually be about two guys facing off almost evenly. Both of them can hold intelligent conversations and either one would do a fine job. Republicans would actually have to debate which way they'd vote instead of voting straight ticket.

Oh, and many Democrats cannot stand Hillary either. I know I'd have to think very hard about whether I could vote for her if she got the nomination. I don't agree with McCain on lots of issues but I could definitely stand to to see him on TV three nights a week for four years. I like the intelligence and experience he brings to Congress.

Most of my readers are in states that have already held primaries, so this won't really matter to you. If you live in Pennsylvania or Florida gets to rerun its primary, then you may have a choice. Think hard about this before you vote:

If Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, McCain will be elected president. The GOP has been preparing since 1997 to run someone against another Clinton. They aren't ready to run against Obama... so it would be an actual campaign with an unknown result.

Make the game as fair as it could get: help get Obama nominated. Then it's up to you.

Oh, and [ profile] dobrovolets? Yeah, I know already.

By the way, it's [ profile] adaptively's birthday tomorrow so wish her a blunted one. Heh.

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