Sep. 28th, 2012

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This is my first major election as a California resident. This state has a fetish for ballot propositions. However it doesn't seem to matter whether an ad is in favor or against a proposition: it only matters how harshly the announcer says "the fat cats in Sacramento."

You never hear such phrases back in Massachusetts. That's probably because the capital is also the biggest city in New England, so everyone watching the ad would potentially be a fat cat's neighbor. The metonym "up on Beacon Hill" referred to government in the Comm of Maeh, but it also referred to a wealthy neighborhood with the least parking.

Fat cats? What is this, 1921? Are they living the high life up there in the Central Valley, eating too much steak and otherwise hardening their arteries at taxpayer expense? Are they failing to eat the local produce so they can ship it... down to the wealthiest people in America... a few blocks from me?

Perhaps they're physically fatter in Sacramento. After all, they're not going to a callback for a cell phone commercial. They don't need to look slim.

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