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Dear Murray, Mitch or whatever the initial in M. Night Shyamalan stands for:

Stop making films. Really. Quit it.

Your "wait for my twist" flicks are less palatable each time. You're a one-trick pony and we're ready to tranq you.

Jesus gave us texting to stop you from making another dollar. People can head into the lobby as early as the first reel to save their friends ten bucks plus rising gas costs: "dont see happening dude. sux bad. love, mom".

It turns out a packed, opening night crowd went MST3K on the beast, according to the first commenter in this review.

Here is a hint: a new Attack of the Killer Shrews should not cost more than a hundred million dollars to produce. Parody trailers should not be easier to find nor more interesting than the actual trailers when your marketing budget is that big.

Hollywood investors love to know they're working from a winning formula. You have a formula, but it's not a winner. If you make back the money on this dreck, it will only encourage you.

Thus I am asking everyone I know to boycott this film. You must learn not to punish mankind with your lack of ideas.

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