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I don't know why everyone says Marseilles is so unsafe. Sure, I've seen pickpocket assholes. They transmit their intentions like I do when I drive. It's wicked easy to avoid them. If you've spent more than two weeks of your life in New York or Philly, Marseilles is a beautiful cake walk. Lyon is significantly prettier from downtown but Marseilles is gorgeous when the fog is clearing from the mountains while you're standing on the beach.

I liked Lyon for the exercise. It's wicked fscking gorgeous and full of steep hills to examine. I met a couple mothers from Leipzig (one a native, the other a DA originally from just outside Bavaria) while I was in Lyon who wound up in the hostel here as well. We drink during the evening until they put their ten-year-old daughters to sleep. The available one doesn't speak English let alone French but the DA and I could talk all night. I like them a lot, but I should move on if I'm going to focus on my French in my waning days. I wish I could find a German phrase book because the single one shaves her entire body except top hair and that's the tip of the iceberg. I have a thing for hair but the utter contrast intrigues me...

Did I mention how much weight I've lost since this trip began? I'm two notches tighter on my belt, meaning two inches of weight. I haven't seen a scale so I can't compare but I can see the difference in my face.

I return on Wednesday around... uhhh, 7 or 8 p.m. but I don't recall the details. Anyone wanting to pick me up from Terminal A at Logan would be a good friend.

My drag duffel inches closer to death with each TGV ride. Samsonite used to be a name I trusted but they're full of shit now. Don't buy their stuff.

I don't want to go home -- at least until I get to kiss a European. I'm falling asleep, so I'll catch you all later.

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