Nov. 8th, 2012

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The wife and I were reviewing our options for Thanksgiving. Should we have an adult orphan dinner, where we get friends that are not going home or otherwise had no plans and put together a dinner?

Then we realized how drained we are from preparing for everything else recently. "Wanna just go to Vegas?" she asked.

"Yeah!" I said.

So we're having the elopement after the wedding at Treasure Island. Vegas is about five hours from here by car. We're going to Frankie's Tiki Room and... heck, we don't know where else. We've caught a deal on the rooms from Wednesday night through Saturday morning. Then we'll have two nights to recover at home before work starts again and we'll avoid the traffic on Sunday.

It will be our first trip in a long time that did not involve visiting our parents. It will be us, and buffets, and zombie drinks, and walking the Strip at night. Also it won't involve a flight, so we can pack whatever we want and not be frisked.

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